Export data from Copy Audit to Tabs3.
Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Requires TBDevice Program from STI.
Copy Audit|Print Audit Export Configuration for Tabs3 using the TBDevice Program

Configure the Copy Audit|Print Audit Program to export records to Tabs3 Time and Billing for importing into client bills.

Due to the many variations available when importing data intoTabs3, it is advisable to contact TRS Inc. to discuss the best option for your firm.

To import the file created into Tabs3:

Run the TBDevice program from Software Technologies, using the Variable format.
Next, go into Tabs3.  Select Integration|Merge Tabs3 Remote Data.

NOTE: Versions 17 and above require the delimitor between the client and matter codes be a decimal. The TBDevice program will no longer allow either a dash or a decimal as the client matter delimitor.  All records will be rejected that lack a decimal between the client and matter codes.

To Create a Client Validation file from Tabs3, using TBDevice, to import into the Copy Audit Program:

Creating Validation Files

Validation files for the client (CLIENT.TXT), timekeeper (EMPL.TXT) and tcode (TCODE.TXT) files can be created. The client file will contain a record for each active client/matter that exists in the Tabs3 Client file. Use the following procedure to create the validation file:

1.       If the TBDevice program is already started, skip to step 3. From the Software Technology folder, double-click the Data Collection Device Conversion icon to start the TBDevice program.

2.       If the Logon dialog box is displayed, enter your User ID and Password and click OK.

3.       From the File menu, select the Validation option.

4.       The Validation window will be displayed. If the Other device is not displayed in the Device field, click the drop-down arrow next to the Device field to select the Other format.

5.       Click the Create button.

6.       Once the files are created, click OK.

7.       Click Cancel to close the Validation window.

8.       Transfer the files to the data collection device.

Note: Validation files should be recreated and transferred to the data collection device after changes have been made to the Client, Timekeeper, or Tcode files in Tabs3.

TBDEvice|Validation|Other creates file “Client.txt”.

Need to rename the Client.txt to Client.csv.

Can then import the file that looks like this:

100.00,smith jomes
101.00,Fred Head
103.00,TRS, Incorporated

Note: The Validation file will only contain active client-matter codes.

Go into the Copy Audit Program|Client-Matter Values tab and choose import.

Sample Validation Files

Examples of the validation files created by the “Other” format are shown below.

CLIENT.TXT – Client File

100.00,"Phillip/Marcus","Real Estate Acquisition"
101.00, "Williams/John","State v. Williams"
102.00, "Federated Casualty, LTD.","Andrew C. Gilbert v. Federated Casualty"
200.01, "Peterson Insurance Co.","General Legal Counsel"

EMPL.TXT – Timekeeper File

1, "Michael L. Jensen"
2, "Jennifer A. Martin"
3, "Ronald P. Anderson"