Export data from Copy Audit to Omega.
Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Copy Audit|Print Audit 5 Export Configuration for Omega

Configure the CopyAudit|Print Audit Program to export records to Omega Time and Billing which are imported into client bills.

To create the Omega export configuration, go to Print Audit 5|Reports|Job Manager|Tools|Export Results|Configurations. Create the screens below and save the configuration.

To create the actual export file for Omega, go to Print Audit 5|Reports|Job Manager|Accounting|Run Accounting.



The above configuration will generate an export file that contains detailed records in this format:

“Date Printed(mm/dd/yy)”,”Client Code”,”Copy (literal)”,”Pages”,”Unit Cost”,”Total Cost”, “Document”

That looks like this:

"03/15/06","123","copy","5","0.05","0.25","Copier pages."
"03/14/06","456","copy","50","0.05","2.50","Copier pages."
"03/15/06","456","copy","3","0.05","0.15","Copier pages."
"03/15/06","456","copy","4","0.05","0.20","Copier pages."
"03/15/06","456","copy","7","0.05","0.35","Copier pages."

The fields exported from CopyAudit are:

“Date Printed(mm/dd/yy)”,”Client Code”,”Copy (literal)”,”Pages”,”Unit Cost”,”Total Cost”, “Document”

To import the file created into Omega, select the Accounting Menu|Non Cash Menu|Polling Menu|Read and Process Data.  Enter the path and name of the import file.

To Create a Client Validation file from Omega to import into the Copy Audit Program, contact your Omega Representative.

Note:  The above configuration does not allow for usage of the Copy Audit Function Keys (F1-F4).  Contact your TRS Representative for information on the TRSExporter program.