Design your own export string.
Add variables not found in the database to the export string.
Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.

Substitute billing codes for job types to match your Time and Billing format.

User-defined Time and Billing Export Option for Copy Audit, Copy Audit "Touch" and Print Audit

Create your own export file from Print Audit's Job Manager feature. Use Job Manager to create a user-defined ASCII file for exporting to various software packages not mentioned in detail elsewhere. Each record contains one transaction per line. Therefore, summarization of data needs to occur within the Time & Billing Program.

The structure of the fields are defined in TOOLS|Export Results|Configurations.


Add and remove columns, choose delimited or fixed width outputs as needed.

Substitute billing codes for job types to match your Time and Billing format.


The table below shows possible fields:

Column Name

What it represents:


User * User 123
Client Code * Client-matter, Job, etc 1234-001
Client Description Description of the Client Code Smith vs Jones
Date Printed Date of transaction mmddyy, mmddyyyy, etc.
Copies Number of copies made 12
Units Pages x Copies 34
Total Units Total Units 34
Cost per unit Cost per unit .10
Total Cost Total Units x Unit Cost .30
Added Cost Increases/decreases in cost per page based on client code or copier type - configurable. .02
Undefined 1 * User defined 555
Undefined 2 * User defined 666
Job Account Code Substitution for Job Type "123","copies", 555"
Job Type Description of transaction Copy Job, Print Job, etc.
Comments * non-validate field 1234
* The Copy Audit unit can be configured to allow up to 5 fields of numeric input.  One of the 5 fields can be non-validating.  The results from the non-validating field will appear in the Comments column.


Sample fixed-width field export format screen: