Export data from Copy Audit to ESILaw.
Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Copy Audit|Print Audit 5 Export Configuration for ESILaw

Configure the CopyAudit|Print Audit Program to export records to ESILaw Time and Billing which are imported into client bills.

To create the ESILaw export configuration, go to Print Audit 5|Reports|Job Manager|Tools|Export Results|Configurations. Create the screens below and save the configuration.

To create the actual export file for ESILaw, go to Print Audit 5|Reports|Job Manager|Accounting|Run Accounting.



To configure the Job Account Code, select Accounting|Edit Job Type Account Codes. Enter the applicable expense codes from ESILaw in the Account Code column.


The above configuration will generate an export file that contains detailed records in this format:

The above configuration will generate an export file that looks like this:

1 1234 090606 Photocopies                 0.25
2 123456-12345 090606 Fax 12.00
3 123456-12345 090606 Photocopies           .30
1 123456-12345 090607 Photocopies           .40
2 123456-12345 090606 Fax 3.00
1 123456-12345 090606 Photocopies           .10

The fields exported from CopyAudit are:

Job Account Code
Client Code
Date Printed
Job Type
Total Cost

The fields corresponded to in ESILaw are:

Transaction Code
Client Number

ESILaw for Windows Automated Disbursement Recovery Requirements

ESILAW has the ability to automatically import transactions recorded using photocopier, printer, fax, and telephone recovery systems. A standard data file in the layout below must be provided by the system vendor. Please refer to the details below for file specifications and layout. Questions regarding this file format can be directed to ESI support at 1(800)663-8759 (US) or 1(888)663-4545 (Canada).


  • ASCII text format file
  • No field or text delimiters
  • Fixed length fields and records
  • File must reside or be copied to the ESILAW directory (e.g. F:\ESILAW)

Explanation of Fields

Transaction Code Letter or number that identifies the disbursement code type (e.g. P = photocopy or L = laser printing)
Client Number Client number used by ESILAW to identify the client
Date Date of the transaction must use the data format MMDDYY
Description Description of the transaction 20+ characters
Amount Total transaction amount


File Layout

Field Name

Length in Bytes

Field Type Additional Requirements
Transaction Code


Alpha / Numeric 0-9 or A-Z
Client Number


Alpha / Numeric Right Justified


Numeric MMDDYY format


Alpha / Numeric Left Justified


Numeric 999999.99-, Right Justified

Record Length = 49 + CR (carriage return) / LF (line feed) = 51 (based on the above File Layout)

Sample Data File

The following is an example of a file layout using transaction code C, client number 9004858, date of July 31st, 2001, description of photocopy, and amount of $5.00.


Updating the Disbursement Data File in ESILAW

Disbursement transaction files are updated through ESILAW using Remote Disbursement Update on the Posting menu. Upon running Remote Disbursement Update, transactions are imported into ESILAW and assigned to the appropriate client files using the assigned disbursement codes. The original disbursement date file is then renamed so that a backup file exists until such time that the update is performed.