Export data from Copy Audit to Client Profiles.
Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Requires Client Profiles template.
Copy Audit|Print Audit 5 Export Configuration for Client Profiles

Configure the CopyAudit Program to export records to Client Profiles Time and Billing for importing into client bills.

To create the Client Profiles export configuration, go to Print Audit 5|Reports|Job Manager|Tools|Export Results|Configurations. Create the screens below and save the configuration.

To create the actual export file for Client Profiles, go to Print Audit 5| Reports|Job Manager|Accounting|Run Accounting.


Select Print Audit 5| Reports|Job Manager|Accounting|Edit Job Type Account Codes.  Enter the applicable expense code next to each expense type.  Click Save.


The above configuration will generate an export file that contains detailed records in this format:

“Job Account Code”,” Date Printed (mm/dd/yyyy)”,"","",”Client-Matter Code”,"Total units", "Cost per Unit",”Total Cost”,”User Code”

That looks like this:



The fields exported from Copy Audit are:

Job Account Code
Date Printed (mm/dd/yyyy)
Blank field
Blank field
Client-Matter Code
Total Units
Cost per Unit
Total Cost
User Code (this may require further setup in Copy Audit software)

Refer to Client Profiles documentation if necessary.