key features

Compatible with all 32-bit Windows Operating Systems.
Easily import client and PIN codes for validation.
Export records for integration with your time & billing software.
Build your own reports in Job Manager.
Charge different clients different rates for copies and fax pages.
Optional, unlimited Client and PIN Code Validation

Copy Audit "Touch" Software

Copy Audit Software is used to:

  • Communicate with Copy Audit units using TCP/IP protocol.

  • Manage Client codes, costs, prompt setup and more via the Copy Audit Print Audit Software.

  • Create Time and Billing exports and generate reports.

Copy Audit Software is a snap to set up.

(1) Simply assign an IP address to each Copy Audit Touch unit and assign the desired prompts...

(2) Create a validation table by importing client codes..


(3) Create a validation table of User codes...


(4) ...and start recovering photocopying costs using the Copy Audit System!


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Time and Billing Exports for:
TRSExporter - links dissimilar ADD4PC, Copy Audit, Copy Audit "Touch"  and/or Print Audit databases to produce one data file for import into your billing software.