key features

images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Support for unlimited user and account codes.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Easy, centralized configuration of multiple Copy Audit terminals.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Comprehensive reporting tools.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Configurable Time and Billing export options.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Definable cost per copy.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Configurable function keys for postage data, faxes and more.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg TCP/IP network protocol.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Optional user quotas and declining balances.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Large, 20-key numeric keypad.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Memory backup ensures that jobs are not lost due to network outages.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Configurable hold and walk-away timeouts.
Copy Audit Copier Expense Recovery System
copy audit


Copier Interface   Opto-coupled, key-operated bypass module provides a generic electrically isolated copier interface
Network Interface   Interface - Ethernet 10/100 auto-sensing.
Connection - RJ45.
Protocol - TCP/IP.
Display   2 line by 16 character LCD display
Memory   32K RAM
Dimensions   7.5"L x 4"W x 3"H
Weight   14 ounces
Power   110 Volts


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images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Integrates seamlessly with Print Audit, for complete document tracking.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Copy Audit Software Specifications
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Copy Audit Pricing
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Time and Billing Interfaces for:













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