images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Export data from Copy Audit to TABS using the TBDevice program.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Creates export file with TCode, Task Code and Phase Codes for task-based billing.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Requires TBDevice program from Tabs3.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Click here if using the Convascf program?
Tabs3 Time & Billing Export Option in ADD4PC - using the TBDevice Program

First Time Setup

To initially configure the ADD4PC Data Collection Program for interfacing with the TBDevice Variable interface program from Software Technologies, Tabs3 Time and Billing Program follow the setup procedure below.

Select SETUP|User Defined Export Format.

Create the following Export String:


Click Save.

Note: the export string can be created by clicking - in the following order - the Account,  TrsCode, Date(S) Quantity, Unit Cost, Ext.Cost and Space buttons and then inserting the applicable special characters to complete the string. Click Save.

Close the User Defined Export Dialog box.

images/add4pc images/add4-tabs3-variable-export-.jpg

Next, select FILE|Export|My Export (or whatever name you gave the export).

Click Settings.

In the boxes labeled Transaction Code, enter the following string for each category (Copies, postage, etc.)


(where $ XX is the corresponding Transaction Code in TABIII for the category, LXXX is the Task/Phase code in Tabs3 for the category and EXXX represents the Activity code in Tabs3 for the Task Code for the category)

For example:

Copies = ,$51,L100,E101,
Postage = ,$53,L100,E108,
Fax = ,$55,L100,E104,

Make sure all Transaction Code boxes have applicable codes set up prior to using the MyExport option.

After completing all applicable Transaction Code boxes, click Save.

Exporting Data for the Tabs3 TBDevice Variable program

After collecting ADD-4 data, select FILE|Export|My Export.

Enter the desired date range and click Export.

Under Save in: enter directory where Tabs3 resides.  For example: F:\STI

Under File name: enter TABS3.CV.

Click Save.

After the export conversion takes place, a dialog box stating “Add4PC has successfully exported X records to F:\STI\TABS3.CV”  (where directory names as those specified in Save in: option above).

Click OK.

To import ADD-4 data into Tabs3:

Run the TBDevice Variable Program from Software Technologies.

Then open the TABS Time & Billing Program and click INTEGRATION|Merge Tabs3 Remote Data.

NOTE: Versions 17 and above require the delimitor between the client and matter codes be a decimal. The TBDevice program will no longer allow either a dash or a decimal as the client matter delimitor.  All records will be rejected that lack a decimal between the client and matter codes.