images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Export data from ADD4PC to Omega.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Omega Time and Billing Export Option for ADD4PC

Data collected from the ADD-4 Copier Control unit(s) can be formatted for importing into the Omega Time and Billing program. While the format below is widely used, there are other formats available for Omega.

First Time Setup

To initially configure the ADD4PC Data Collection Program for interfacing with the Omega Time and Billing Program, follow the setup procedure below.

  • Select SETUP|User Defined Export Format.
  • Create the following Export String:    [DL],[AC=10][TS][QU][U$][E$]
  • Click Save.

Note: the export string can be created by clicking - in the following order - the Date (L), Account, TrsCode, Quantity, Unit Cost and  Ext.Cost buttons and then inserting the applicable special characters to complete the string.

images/add4pc images/add4-omega-export-screen.jpg

Exporting Data to Omega

  1. After collecting ADD-4 data, select FILE|Export|My Export.
  2. Enter the desired date range and click Export.
  3. Under Save in: enter a directory path.
  4. Under File name: enter the name of the file to export.
  5. Click Save.

Once the data has been formatted and an export file has been created, go into Omega’s import module and follow their instructions.

Note: Typically, the Omega Program will use the Quantity [QU] field multiplied by the Client's rate to compute an extended cost for billing. These values are customer preferences. They can use a default, or a client specific or a client-matter specific amount to multiply the number of copies/fax pages by.