images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Export data from ADD4PC to Legal Master format.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Reduce the time it takes to post copies, postage, fax, etc. to a few minutes per month.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Charge different rates to different clients for copies and fax pages.
Legal Master Time & Billing Export Option in ADD4PC

Data collected from the ADD-4 Copier Control unit(s) can be formatted for importing into the Legal Master Time and Billing Program.

First Time Setup

To initially configure the ADD4PC Data Collection Program for interfacing with the Legal Master Time and Billing Program, follow the setup procedure below.

Click on SETUP|User Defined Export Format.

Create the Export String using the fields specified in the table below.

Make sure to check the Fixed Length radio button on the User Defined Setup screen.

Click Save.

Note: In the entry process at the ADD-4 level, the Client and Matter must be separated with a dash.



First character is a pipe sign | You know - that funny character just above the backslash on your keyboard
Client [CL=7:L]  
Matter [MT=7:R]  
20 Spaces Use the space bar  
"I" capital letter I I Refer to Indirect cost
Year (S) [YS=2]  
Month [MO=2]  
Day [DY=2]  
6 Spaces Use the space bar  
Trs.Code [TS=2] See below
16 Spaces Use the space bar  
Ext.Cost [E$=10]  

Exporting Data to Legal Master

After collecting ADD-4 data, select FILE|Export|My Export.

Enter the desired date range and click Export.

Under Save in: enter the directory path where you will save the file for Legal Master to read.

Under File name: enter the name of the file to export.

Click Save.

Once the data has been formatted and an export file has been created, go into Legal Master and follow the import routine.