key features

images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Optional Client and/or User validation.
[up to 3,000 clients and up to 200 Users]
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Charge different clients different rates for photocopies and fax pages.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Generate a variety of hard-copy reports.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg Numerous preformatted export options for Time & Billing programs.
images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg "MyExport" option for creating a customized export file.
ADD4PC Data Collection Program

The ADD4PC Data Collection Program is used to:

  • Collect ADD-4 unit data.

  • Maintain optional Client and User validation tables and variable pricing tables.

  • Produce a variety of printed billing reports.

  • Format collected data for a direct interface with time and billing software.

images/add4pc images/add4pc-file-export-screen.jpg


   Sample Reports:
pdf icon


   System Requirements:
  • 4 MB Hard Drive Space
  • 8 MB RAM Memory
  • Available Serial Port or recommended USB to Serial Converter.





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Legal Master


MyExport - for creating your own export formats

images/bluebox-5px-by-5px.jpg TRSExporter - links dissimilar ADD4PC, Copy Audit and/or Print Audit databases to produce one data file for import into your billing software.
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